RMB 15.0 billion of managed capital, international capital operation mode

Beijing LF Capital Management Limited (hereinafter referred to as "LF Capital") is a company specializing in capital operation and management. It was established by industry veterans who have diversified professional experiences in private equity funds and capital operations. Currently, the company maintains a business presence in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, Canada, France and other key regions of Asia Pacific, Europe and America. The core management team of the company has an extensive background with international and domestic well-known professional institutions, as well as having rich experiences in capital management and operations. The total amount of capital managed by the team is over RMB 15.0 billion.

By virtue of its professional competences, successful experiences and the integration of its high-quality resources, LF Capital has launched various types of equity investment funds having unique advantages for project development and standardized investment management. This effectively helps the enterprises in which we invest to develop steadily and at the same time to preserve and increase the value of the fund investors' assets with integrity and conscientiousness.

LF Capital’s affiliates include: LF (Hong Kong) Holdings Co., Ltd.; LF (the Silicon Valley of United States) Fund Management Co.; and Chongqing BeiDou Navigation Satellite Investment Management Co.. Additionally, LF Capital also controls one listed company and participates one listed company respectively.


Professional Team

The core management team has served at high ranking positions within several large state-owned financial enterprises for many years. The team managed to establish a state-owned private equity fund from inception to a fund with managed capital assets of over RMB 10 billion within only three and a half years.

Successful Experience

The accumulative investment capital by the core management team has reached over RMB 15.0 billion. Through a series of exits including IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, equity transfer, LF Capital has been able to realize over RMB 5 billion in exit capital for its fund investors. Thus, bringing huge return on investment for its fund investors.

Standardized Operation

According to high standards of operation and management for a fund of RMB 10 billion in the state-owned financial enterprise, the core management team combines their expertise with a flexible market mechanism to operate the fund with high standards and efficiency.

Value-added Service

Along with the vast experience in investing the fund’s RMB 10 billion and post-investment management of our portfolio companies, the core management team has developed a mature and efficient competence for providing value-added service to their investors.

Cases of Investment


Stock code: 002719

Jinggu Forestry

Stock code: 601127


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